What You Should Know Before Your First Session

I am client-centred, which means that I will work with your goals in mind. While I will make recommendations about strategies I think will be helpful, I tailor each session to the individual preferences and needs of the person I’m working with. (I.e. I don’t give advice, prescriptions, or tell you what to do!)

I am skills-oriented. While I do offer long-term therapy, my approach emphasizes short-term gains and brief therapeutic approaches. Because of this, clients can expect to learn skills and strategies to help them manage concerns (e.g. distressing thoughts) more effectively. Clients will walk away from each session with tools and strategies to use in their own lives, thereby allowing most clients to see lasting results in a relatively brief period of time and become less dependent on ongoing therapy. This also means that I have cultivated expertise in clinical interventions and practical applications of skills not employed by many psychotherapists.

I am guided by science. I employ evidence-based modalities that research has found by to be effective in treating symptoms of concern. Examples of this include CBT for depression, anxiety, and OCD; Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for PTSD; and MBCT for depression, anxiety, and ABI, etc. I will share information (“psychoeducation”) with you to help you understand and make informed decisions about your therapeutic process.

I am trauma-informed. I have specialized training in trauma treatment, therefore I offer trauma-sensitive services. You will not be forced to discuss any uncomfortable material you do not wish to, and contrary to popular belief, therapy sessions will not entail “venting” or “spewing” large amounts of traumatic content. Traumatic content may be processed systematically together in time if appropriate, but first we will work in a safe manner to give you skills and strategies to manage trauma symptoms, and we will work at your comfort level. My intent is that you feel empowered after each session, rather than depleted or traumatized.

I am a registered healthcare provider in good standing with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, which was established to protect public interest and holds practitioners accountable to the adherence of firm ethical and legal standards of practice.

Services are covered by most extended health benefits programs, either myself directly as a Registered Psychotherapist, or through receiving supervision by a Registered Psychologist. I receive ongoing supervision to uphold the highest standards of ethical, sound practice. Please contact your insurance provider prior to our first meeting to determine which form of services you are covered under (e.g. “psychotherapy” or “counselling” by a Registered Psychotherapist or “psychological services” by a Registered Psychologist).

I look forward to meeting with you and witnessing your journey in self-discovery, growth, and renewal!

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