Relationships are among the most complex things we do as humans, and yet, we’re biologically wired for them. Research has shown relationships to be one of the most fundamental markers of health and longevity, so cultivating healthy relationships is important! In our fast-paced modernized world, relationships are still something that require time and nurturing. Just as we may maintain our cars, relationships may also require the occasional tune up.

At Heartfulness Psychotherapy we approach couple’s counselling with each couples’ goals in mind. We offer evidence-based approaches such as Emotionally-Focused Therapy to help promote validating, communicative relationships that meet both partner’s needs. It can be helpful to explore past relational patterns and the science underlying attachment styles which may be impacting current relationships. We can also consider “love languages” and the different ways both partners express and receive love. Our practice is informed by traditional and eastern approaches to sex therapy, as well as the evidence-based Gottman Method of Couple’s Counselling, which draws upon over 50 years of research on relationships.

Overall, we strive to enhance couple’s communication patterns and promote the development or renewal of rituals of connection for you to deepen your bond and rekindle intimacy with the loved ones in your life. We believe that every couple could benefit from dedicating time to cultivating greater connection and intentionality in their relationships and we look forward to working with you and your loved one(s).

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