With acquired brain injury (ABI), the type of therapy is tailored to each individual’s goals, circumstances, the locus of the injury (the brain region(s) impacted), and functional areas they’re experiencing difficulty with. Oftentimes we start with Interpersonal Psychotherapy (therapy through relationship) to build a strong working rapport and uncover which strategies have been useful so far, and which still need some development.

Having studied ABI extensively, Anna Marson, MA, RP, CCC, is able to offer specialized psychological information, or “psychoeducation,” about common symptoms associated with ABI, what to expect, and practical coping strategies to try.

Anna’s Master’s thesis research investigated the appropriateness and acceptability of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) among adults with ABI. The approach was so popular –before the research results were even in, that Anna received requests to work for the ABI organizations and offer MBCT groups year-round! This gentle therapeutic approach seems fitting because it can address many of the symptoms commonly experienced with ABI, including depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties and fatigue, anger and frustration, mood fluctuations, and grief/loss, among others. MBCT develops coping skills through relaxation training and meditation exercises and it’s one of the numerous evidence-based approaches we offer in ABI treatment.

At Heartfulness Psychotherapy, we understand the impact ABI can have on all aspects of life, including survivor’s relationship with themselves, their loved ones, and their environment. We do our best to help clients maximize the strengths they already have to live empowered, fulfilled lives. We also understand the impact ABI can have on caregivers and offer supportive services to loved ones also impacted.

We can help. Recovery is possible!

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