So often people over-identify themselves with their symptoms, which can lead to a never-ending cycle of feeling guilt, shame, and/or inadequacy. At Heartfulness Psychotherapy, we help you identify how your ADHD symptoms may be impacting different aspects of your life to gain greater clarity about who you are outside of your symptoms and what steps are needed to help you thrive. You are not your symptoms.

We offer a blend of coaching and psychotherapy tailored to each client’s presenting concerns to help you develop organizational strategies and healthy habits to better manage your symptoms. We help clients build upon what’s working well and identify obstacles that are getting in the way of progress. This may involve a solution-focused, goal-oriented coaching approach, or a psychotherapeutic approach that explores underlying thoughts, emotions, and other aspects of ADHD and its impact on one’s life, or some combination of both.

Although you may feel tired of feeling scattered, we’ve witnessed clients with ADHD lead successful, fulfilling lives when given the right supports. There are a lot of gifts that come with having “an ADHD mind,” and a lot of reasons to be optimistic. The future is bright.

We offer services to youth, adults, and couples.

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